Truly sustainable Street furniture

Orange Bamboo Construction supplies sustainable street furniture. In addition to sustainability, there are also many other benefits. Bamboo is robust and a truly inexhaustible, natural source. Because bamboo absorbs a huge amount of CO2 during construction, its use immediately makes a positive contribution to the CO2 footprint score of your project of 250 kilos per cubic meter! Switch to bamboo street furniture now.

Robust Quality

Bamboo has equal or even better properties than tropical hardwood. With production under ISO 9001 the quality is guaranteed. Perfect for street furniture.


MOSO Bamboo N-finity reach the highest durability class following CEN / TS 15083-1. The use of bamboo per M3 also results in a reduction of about 250 kilos of CO2 per M3.

Natural look

In addition to being sustainable and robust, bamboo also has a beautiful, natural look which is why bamboo street furniture fits everywhere. From a busy city center to a forest. Bamboo feels at home everywhere.

Let's talk bamboo street furniture

If you have technical questions or if you would like to know more about the application of bamboo in your project, we would be happy to assist you. Leave your message below and we will contact you.