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“I want to offer the construction business a sustainable and natural alternative to hardwood and metal!”
Wouter Jongeneel, founder


With this green goal in mind I founded Orange Bamboo Construction in 2018. I have spent years researching a true alternative to hardwood. To my amazement, we are increasingly cutting scarcer hardwood trees that have to grow up to 80 years, while other natural resources are available that have even better properties and can be cut after a few years. I discovered bamboo.


Bamboo is the answer to my goal. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing raw materials in the world. It grows to a trunk of 20 meters within a few months. After four to five years this trunk is already suitable to make robust bamboo constructions and street furniture. Its properties are amazing and even better than hardwood. Another reason to choose bamboo! And what about the CO2 absorption during the growth of bamboo. Yes you read that right, bamboo requires a lot of CO2 to grow.


Because I am a contractor, I know what quality specifications construction materials have to meet. In 2014 already I started researching the quality and applications of bamboo. I have placed bamboo construction parts on wet soil and in the burning sun. I have even placed them on ice. Certainly I did not go overnight. I want my customers to really get top quality. The bamboo that we use even scores the highest European Sustainability class for wood/bamboo: EN350 (CEN/TS 15083-1 class 1).


Together with the Orange Bamboo Construction team I want to supply the European construction sector with sustainable bamboo applications. Bamboo must become the basis for this and other non-sustainable alternatives should be removed from the market. Together with you I want to face this challenge. 

We would love to hear from you, 

Wouter Jongeneel

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Orange Bamboo Construction preserves the construction. Replacing hardwood and metals with bamboo is our goal. Bamboo is robust, resilient and an inexhaustible natural source.


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