Orange Bamboo Construction

Enables sustainable construction

Build also with bamboo

Inexhaustible source

With a growth rate of 1 meter per day and cutting after 4 years, bamboo is always available.

The alternative for hardwood

Where hardwood is becoming increasingly scarce, bamboo is widely available. Bamboo is also the alternative to metals.

1 KG
Less CO2

CO2 Magnet

Bamboo is a CO2 magnet. As a result, the use of bamboo scores great Leed and Breeam results. Reduce the CO2 footprint of your project.

Inspiration For Your Project.

What are the possibilities of building with bamboo? We will show you some possibilities below.


Build it with bamboo

Bamboo construction beams

Use bamboo construction bars for, for example, fleece construction, lattice girder and window frames.

Bamboo street furniture

Really sustainable seating pleasure for everyone. Robust and modern with a real natural look.

Bamboo Floorings

Making every loading floor truly sustainable: replacing metal and hardwood with robust bamboo. That is our goal. Join us!

"Bamboo: The Right Choice"

1. Quality Guaranteed

Bamboo has equal or even better properties than tropical hardwood. The bamboo we use is manufactured in production facilities that meet the strictest quality standards (ISO 9001).

2. Rapid Growth

We use the fast-growing giant bamboo 'Moso'. It grows up to one meter per day and uses a lot of CO2 during growth.

3. Inexhaustible Source

Our bamboo is already very hard after 4 years and ready to be cut. Then the bamboo will continue to grow. A real inexhaustible, natural source.

4. Truly Sustainable

MOSO Bamboo N-finity reach the highest durability class following EN 350/CEN/TS 15083-1.

5. Safety & Health

Our bamboo is produced under ISO 14001: focus on health and safety.

Now Get Started
With Bamboo

Orange Bamboo Construction is a Dutch company and preserves construction with sustainable applications. It is the sustainable replacement for hardwood and metals. Water authorities, provinces and municipalities can also achieve their sustainability goals with bamboo. With a large stock we are ready for this.

Let's talk bamboo

If you have technical questions or if you would like to know more about the application of bamboo in your project, we would be happy to assist you. Leave your message below and we will contact you.

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Orange Bamboo Construction preserves the construction. Replacing hardwood and metals with bamboo is our goal. Bamboo is robust, resilient and an inexhaustible natural source.


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